Lost in IT? We want to help!

We are two 20 year old students from Switzerland. In summer 2020 we successfully completed our apprenticeship as software engineers and started with our bachelor’s degree in Information & Cyber Security and in International IT Management. Therefore, IT is a big part in our lives, but by far not the most important. Just like many other software engineers we don’t fit the widely spread stereotype and like to leave the screen sometimes to pursue other interests.

In the past few years, we have been asked a lot of IT related questions, especially privately. It quickly became clear that IT topics are explained far too complicated on the Internet.

With this blog we want to change that and explain everything in a simple way. This blog is directed to people who are just starting out in IT, are simply curious to learn something about it, or have specific questions about a topic in computer science.

Meanwhile, there are so many articles on the Internet that it is easy to lose track. We want to provide you with answers and save you from further research. Getting information quickly and easily is highly requested in our era, but unfortunately still not the standard, especially in IT.

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Have you been struggling with a topic for a long time? Let us know here. We are particularly keen to share topics on this blog that will help YOU.